India Habitat Centre

India Habitat Centre is located in New Delhi. Spread over an area of nine acres. Signup for full VR Experience ! Book a holiday package to India Habitat Centre.

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India Habitat Centre


India Habitat Centre

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Lodhi Road, Near Airforce Bal Bharati School, New Delhi, Delhi 110003



India Habitat Centre is located in New Delhi. Spread over an area of nine acres the IHC campus has been designed and built by Joseph Stein, B.V. Doshi & Bhalla. It is India's most comprehensive convention centre.

There are 5 main building blocks which are interconnected by means of aerial walkways. The tall exposed brick building masses are oriented so as to create a large open space in the centre. The courtyards provide a feeling of freshness and one can enjoy different moods in different parts of the building.

IHC was stein's largest project consisting of 4 galleries, 6 restaurants, amphitheatre & an auditorium. You can see the amphitheatre right beside the planter here. Please look up to see the reflectors installed on the building. These reflectors provide shade and prevent sun from entering into the building. They are aligned at an angle which reflect back 70% of the sunlight and change their angle during winter to allow sunlight to fall on the windows.

The height of the building is around 30m.sunlight streams into the complex creating beautiful patterns on the textured surfaces with the time of the day.

Now you are standing at the plaza which acts as informal sitting space. The whole IHC complex is divided into 2 built structures, an auditorium and the convention centre. This segregation helps in better handling of the crowd.

You are standing in front of the stein auditorium which has a separate entry, to avoid chaos & disturbances. Look up to see the exposed concrete and dome. The materials used in IHC complex are exposed red brick, exposed concrete and glass.

“One of the most important features of the IHC is its smartly designed drainage system that eliminates the use of rainwater pipes and adds to the beauty of the structure. What makes IHC apart from other commercial complexes is its unique composition of integrating components like offices, auditorium, restaurants, etc that keep it culturally alive the whole day, even after the office hours.



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