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AR/VR: After ruling the Gaming world, Giant has entered the Architectural Studios

September 12, 2018

Unleashing the giant aka AR/VR for the new revolution in architecture.

Aren’t you willing to know about that amazing technology which is going to change the world of architectural education ? Are you curious to know more about those revolutionary simulations which are invading all the major architectural players of the market ? Do you want to know the contemporary fondness of creative architects, builders and professors ? Are you ready to equip yourself to face the latest demand of the final presentations ?

The two prominent technologies which will satiate all your curiosity are Virtual Reality(VR) and Augmented Reality(AR). They allow us to explore ‘the once impossible’ through the glasses. They take the user into the virtual world which is more real and breathtaking than the real world. AR and VR have indeed been the first love of gamers for a decade but time has fetched them with more admirers like us.

VR: Virtual reality is about to change the architecture forever. This is the one which is totally immersive and cuts off from the real world. It creates digital environment which replaces user’s real world experience. You need to equip yourself with tool like Oculus, Sony Playstation VR, HTC Vive or Samsung Gear VR

Virtual Reality (source: Google images )

We, as architects, have gotten excellent in showing what a space looks like but its high time to use VR and show the world how a space feels like. VR gives a beautiful ability to experience a space with its adjacencies, scale, context and sense of feeling. It gives you a choice of where to look and where to linger based on your choice with being you present in that space with Head mounted display(HMD) on your head. It’s not panning and orbiting the photo sphere on your computer screen rather its about being in that space. Describing the experience is difficult for the same reason that it’s precious; it’s personal and breathtakingly tactile.

VR gives better spatial understanding to the architects as well as building owners and constructors. It has always been difficult for the clients to understand complex architectural drawings and perspectives. Now we have a tool in our arsenal to develop real spaces virtually. If you use Photo Sphere with HMD then you will get the power to send your client into the virtual world designed by you. Making it easier to understand the space for both architect and client.

Not only seasoned architects but professors have also taken a plunge into Virtual Reality. Photo Spheres, like 2D renderings, take nowhere near the time or money required to produce an animation, but the impact is arguably even greater. It is the new favorite among architectural students as it requires negligible extra efforts to create a photo sphere as it takes to create a traditional rendering.

AR: In Augmented Reality virtual layer is overlay real objects and the user can experience the real as well as virtual world simultaneously. It is a live direct or indirect view of user’s real-world environment whose elements are “augmented” by computer-generated real-world sensory input such as sound, video, graphics etc.

Augmented Reality (source: Google images)

The direction and scale of this technology’s role in architecture is as crystal clear as are the advantages of getting ahead of this powerful trend. If you are curious to delve into this revolution and ready for the astounding experience then this is the real time. To be veracious, time is actually running out to be ahead of this trend.

If you are interested to experience heritage sites and architecturally rich buildings in virtual reality. You can checkout OutsiteVR , world’s first Virtual Reality experiential learning platform for architecture community. You can visit our facebook page for regular updates.


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