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5 Hottest Bachelor's Party Destinations in India if You're Tired of Goa and Can't Afford Vegas.

September 21, 2018

Getting married and want to live your last unmarried days to the fullest?

We know you're thinking about your Bachelor's Party more than your wedding. Probably ever since you made a group of buddies! But movies have set highest of standards for everybody here. Choosing a place is the most difficult of decisions which have been going on ever since you made a group of best friends. Las Vegas and its casinos are out of the question. Goa is too mainstream. Ugh!

Enough of brainstorming. We have prepared a definitive list of destinations in India, still unexplored, for your Bachelor's Bash. So make grab your gang and let your "junglee jawani" loose.



Located 180 km from Mumbai, in Nashik, is the famous Sula Vineyards. Didn't imagine it to be a bachelor's party destination? Think about it, a hotel amidst the vineyard, and everyone getting drunk on the wine tasting!

Sula Vineyards is a home to sixty wineries and is the first ever winery in the entire nation. Grape Stomping activities also take place here between January to March. Although, you can make the most of the Sula Vineyard during the Sula Fest which takes place during February. So, on your way back to the hotel, grab some wine bottles from the exclusive collection, and get so drunk, you don't remember a thing!

Ideal for: People who love wine and are looking for a relaxing time with friends to drink!

Budget: Rs. 20,000 approx. (stay + travel + other expenses)



Experience the freezing cold weather of Ladakh with its barren but landscaping beauty. You will have camping, biking, archery, trekking and other sports adventure opportunities here. Not to mention the feeling of warm Rum in the chilly weather. There is nothing better than travelling to a destination and experiencing the life there before you get back to yours and get ready for your big day. Visiting Ladakh is a once in a lifetime experience and why not make it even more unforgettable with a Bachelor's trip?

Ideal for: People who love the cold weather and love travelling and exploring a destination. You must be up for camping and some recreational activities.


Budget: Rs. 45,000 approx. (stay + travel + other expenses)



Before we talk about the little French town, Pondy is a Union Territory, which means, cheap booze! This is a modernly old-school town which still has French aesthetics. You can taste the delicious beer, here, along with some French food. The clean beaches can be perfect hangout spots, where you can crack open a cold one with the boys!

Ideal for: People who want to enjoy the modern city life along with beaches to chill.

Budget: Rs. 17,000 (stay + travel + other expenses)



An all-year destination for skiing, Auli is one of the most scenic locations of the Himalayas. Time for some snow fight! Auli has Asia's longest and one of the highest cable car ride which gives scenic views of the hill station. Gives you an opportunity to bully the one scared of heights! You can also visit the Auli artificial lake, one of the highest man-made lakes in the world or trek to the valley of flowers and get a pre-wedding photoshoot with your gang. Hot Springs can save you from the  Himalayan cold. Since Auli is among the lesser explored hill stations, you get a great amount of peaceful time with your friends.

Ideal for: People who are sporty and up for fun in the snow!

Budget: Rs. 32,000 approx (stay + travel + other expenses)



Becoming increasingly popular among the youth, hippies and beach lovers, Gokarna is a small town in Karnataka, known for its pristine beaches and temples. Do you know you can trek to a beach here? Amazing, right? Beaches like Full Moon, Half Moon, Om, Paradise, Nirvana, Gokarna among several others, are a perfect place to chill, drink and smoke with your buddies. Unlike Goa beaches, they are much less crowded and hence, cleaner. There are also some popular cafes where you can enjoy good food and mingle with another group of friends - more, the merrier! You can visit the popular Mahabaleshwar Temple for the sake of the hopeless bachelor of the group. The wedding scene in the movie 'Two States' was shot here, and just maybe, your friend may find a bride like Alia Bhatt.

Ideal for: People who have the spirit of the youth and love beaches. If you want to trek but also enjoy a beach, this is a perfect place for you.

Budget: Rs. 17,000 approx (stay + travel + other expenses)


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